This place

This is a personal blog for some graduate student in social psychology who happens to also be mentally ill. While they probably aren’t natural companion topics, those two topics are very important to me. I’m hoping this place also motivates me to read and write more.

In general, you will see things here about:

  • Psychological Science
    • Research methods and statistics
    • My research areas and interests: compassion, prosocial (“good”) behavior and decision-making, emotion more generally, and well-being
    • Stuff I read or think is neat
  • Personal topics I care about
    • My stories, thoughts and experiences living with a mental illness
    • Discussions of coping, recovery and general mental health
    • Being a graduate student
    • Miscellaneous things I feel like writing about

Keep in mind the title of this blog when reading. And if you want my perspective or thoughts on something regarding mental illness/health, about social psychology, or graduate school, feel free to ask.