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The trees in the forest

Our personal experience of reality is a useful illusion. It’s useful because what we experience usually relates to the physical world (i.e., reality). It’s an illusion because it isn’t the same thing as the physical world.

Understanding the World with Models – A Conceptual Introduction

My grandfather took me to a model train museum when I was a kid. I remember walking (or running) around and following the trains as they chugged along. I was never a train enthusiast, but I did think the models were neat! Over 20 years later, it turns out models are kinda how humans make…

Observing Reality- Basic Concepts

In a first post about when is something true, I said something is true when it explains and predicts measurable/observable reality consistently. My goal here is to broadly discuss how complicated measurement/observation truly is. Throughout, you’re definitely getting my personal opinion on a lot of issues in psychological science: I often take a critical position.…

When is something true?

What color is the sky on an average, cloudless day? Blue is a fair answer, but how do we know that this is true? How do we know anything is true? Maybe it’s strange to start off with a philosophical question, but it’s a vital first-step that helps bridge the gap between thinking about human…

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