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To Fix One’s Self

This is about my mindset when I first embarked on my long journey living with a chronic mental illness: I wanted to “fix myself.” Fixing myself was this Utopian dream of “being normal” or “myself again,” but forever. Never relapsing, no medicine, and no “weird” self-care necessary. Just “normal.” Nearly 2 decades later, I have … Continue reading To Fix One’s Self

What keeps us here

I’ll be posting sometime about treatment and mental illness, but this is something related to all that. I’m 29, and a week ago I went back in to see my doctor about my medication. Treatment is an ongoing process, and the goal isn’t to “finish,” it’s to continuously adapt, in my experience. Anyway, this psychologist … Continue reading What keeps us here

When feelings don’t work

Perhaps these days there’s somewhat better awareness about mental illness and mental health in general. But there’s still plenty of misconceptions and misunderstanding. I’m not an expert, but I have worked in mental health awareness, and I have a mental illness. Specifically, I’ve been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, but I’d like to talk broadly … Continue reading When feelings don’t work

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