My tagline is a quote attributed to different authors, but now belongs to us all. I believe ideas are discovered rather than invented; they exist in a timeless, shapeless space until realized (made real) by one of us. Then they are transformed and reconfigured as the idea is rediscovered or shared.

I started writing here to preoccupy myself with something productive. I have lots of ideas and it’s good to share ideas, and I could use a more productive option for myself. Right now, I’m thinking I’ll post about interesting ideas, technology, psychology research and mental health. Mental health is especially personal to me since I have had a mental illness since I was young. And that brings us back to the beginning: my tagline is a reminder to me that no matter how many times my mental illness gets the better of me, the point is to get back up and keep trying. This is one step on my journey of continuing to try my best.

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